Kill the GST

Kill GST the Tax that can be repealed with your HELP!
We need 7 million petitions signed and collected on 4.6 million households -pieces of paper.

Petitions with a majority under our constitution can repeal this GST legislation when presented to the Queen.

The Federal Government is voted in on a majority yet only governs for a minority and makes the majority pay for every thing, while the minority (rich) pays very little tax or nothing at all.

Howard said never ever would there be a GST as opposition leader.

The well healed expect you to pay for them, now its your turn, to tell them what you the majority Australians think  - Australia.

-Webmaster       NOW 90% of people are opposed to the GST right now- fight on.


We need People Power

We need you to get copies of two petitions into every home across Australia.

The KILL GST__________campaign has its own web site, see below.

The two KILL GST petitions are designed to go
into homes and to be completed by all who reside at that one home address.

This provides verification not available with the normal method of
collecting signatures, in other words the petitions carry more weight and can not just
be ignored.

There are two petitions, they can be down loaded from The KILL
GST_______Campaign web site,

Please note the imperative--- to get a copy of each of the two petitions
into every home across Australia in order to obtain a 'majority' of the
peoples' signatures and thereby, an absolute mandate which must be absolutely

To accomplish the objective we need volunteers to coordinate deliveries into
10,000 locations, and volunteer home delivery people.

Consider that the politicians do home delivery to each home across Australia
within a few weeks of an election.
If they can do it so can we, and we can do it better.

Our second approach, we will call the 5 x 5 pyramid. Where each recipient of
the petitions sends two copies of each of the two petitions and one of some
supporting information to a minimum of five others as far afield as possible
with a note asking them to do the same.    Start at top and it spreads.

If you have access to e-mail send this message to on to all contacts in
addition to snail mail to the minimum of five in your pyramid.

Sample of the literature available and the two petitions attached.

Please keep in touch with your recipients to see how they are going and how many petitions they have collected and bet them a beer or something affordable to keep them outdoing yourself. 

Campaign Headquarters

Contact Mr. Joe Bryant

PO Box 270 St Mary's NSW 2760   ph: 02-9826-1337


This page created 18th of February 2000

GST Warning
Herald Saturday 26 February 2000 page 6

Costello warns business that if they don't register for the new tax system by June 30, they will slide into the black hole economy.    Edited.
Comment: Since most of the countries who have introduced this type of tax have a very large black economy, the burden of paying tax, falls entirely on  consumers - self funded retirees, pensioners, unemployed and the wage earner.

This aspect has been ignored by this Federal Coalition government yet the most vulnerable in our society, the workers and disadvantaged are to be driven into poverty to make the GST work. 

Small business must now protest against this tax or face financial ruin either through punitive  compliance costs including the extra paper work for the purposes of money tracking, -or non-compliance (black economy by default or by choice) exposing people to huge fines when caught.

Basically the GST is a new tax added onto the old complicated tax system which remains in place.  Part of the hard sell campaign was a new tax system to replace the old complicated tax system we had, that remains in placed still. ( prior to GST legislation)     Not True blatant lie.

Basically the GST applies to goods and services that were never ever taxed before as the old sales tax only applied to a select number of mostly luxury goods and not services.
   (Luxury items, the well off could afford under the old system.)

GST is a major tax increase, - an additional tax - not a replacement.

Already the Feds plan to cancel the grants to the states for Hospitals, Roads, Education and the like and will diminish their responsibility to you the taxpayer who happens to live in a state and pays Federal income tax from wages and salaries. ( Amounts to effective double taxation)

"Nothing exists to stop the GST or Income tax from rising".

The fraudulent Fed plan  to collect tax for the state to cover all state funding via GST while the Feds escape with the income tax, putting nil back into the hospitals and the like separates their responsibility to the taxpayer and voter.

1/ The stated case for a rise in GST was that 2/3 majority of both houses of parliament would be required for the GST to increase, being a majority of all states and majority of the house of representatives (Liberal & Labor) seems very hollow as the states income will be derived from GST so they will require an extra increase at some time to keep their budgets in the black or the only alternative is to cut back on  important spending for health and infrastructure.

2/ The Feds members will merely rubber stamp GST increases to protect their own Federal budgets. Can anyone identify a State tax that is to be axed on July one.  As promised.

Webmaster + J.B.  27/02/2000


18 April 2000

See the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission  response to Labor opposition call on alleged misleading Government GST advertising campaign so far.

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission web site - Look for Media Releases on left blue menu and check 18/04/2000.

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N.S.W. with its larger population will be subsidising other smaller population states like - examples -Adelaide and Tasmania.

If you don't fight for yourself, fight for your children's future.

As you can see, your whole life can change at the stroke of a pen.

Small Business are suffering a consumer backlash
21st of August 2000.

Small business is bearing the brunt of the GST with consumer confidence at an all time low, with retail sales down now by up to 40% in some retail areas of the economy across Australia.

What people don't realise is that once the small retail shops falter, prices will go up when large business has less competition to deal with and this has happened oversea's when this type of tax was introduced.

Where has the economic sunshine gone, promised before the 1996 election by our Prime Minister.

GST Kills Consumer Spending
The Daily Telegraph 2nd September 2000 page 10.

States consumer spending after 1st July has been the biggest consumer plunge for a month in Australia's history.

The GST has caused a devastating drop in retail trade, when consumers are not spending at the large retail outlets, small retail is suffering even more as they can not buy at discounts like the larger retail outlets and super markets therefore prices are usually higher across a range of goods.

Small retail customers are usually selective or spur of the moment purchasers mostly from the local area.

Interest rate rises also are causing a slump to the real estate industry coupled with the GST, agents are finding the market very flat, with commissions down.

Further interest rate rises may be imminent as petrol prices are causing increased transportation costs increasing inflation.